Bloomberg’s First 30 Years in Japan: A Foundation for the Future

Bloomberg opened its Japan office, its first in Asia, in 1987 and established a news bureau in Tokyo in 1990. We expanded in 2008, opening the Osaka bureau.

The Japan office, which prides itself on being one of the largest in Asia in terms of the number of employees, provides high value-added business and market data, news, investment analysis tools and technology to drive speedier and more effective decision-making.

In the past 30 years, Bloomberg witnessed Japan’s transformation and change—from its ascent to one of the world’s leading financial centers and information-based economies, through its years of recession followed by its resurgence during the Abenomics era of today.

We have been part of Japan’s historic growth and change and we look forward to being part of Japan’s future as it continues to influence and contribute to global financial markets.

The Bloomberg Professional® service connects Japan’s financial industry to the global investor community by providing critical financial data, news and analytics.

As Japan moves into the next chapter of growth, Bloomberg will continue to support it by leveraging information and technological innovation to the fullest extent.

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Milestones from Bloomberg’s First 30 Years in Japan

Japan Office opened as the first office in APAC

Bloomberg Terminal menu screen in Japanese

Bloomberg Terminal Message function in Japanese

Established the engineering division in Japan as an Asian hub

Moved from Yusen Building to Marunouchi Building

Women’s Community (BWC) established to promote diversity and women’s empowerment at work

Abilities Community (B-ABLE) established to help employees with disabilities take on challenges proactively

Working Families Community (BWFC) established to support working parents

LGBT and Ally Community (BRPOD) established to support LGBT and diversity

Bloomberg Square Mile Relay held for the first time in Marunouchi, Tokyo.
Over 50 firms and organizations participated