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The Bloomberg Barclays Indices continue a forty year tradition of market leadership, excellence and client service. Since 1973*, the Bloomberg Barclays Indices have been the most widely used indices for fixed income investors seeking objective, rules-based, and representative benchmarks to measure asset-class risk and returns.

Broad product coverage
Bloomberg Barclays fixed income and inflation-linked benchmarks are an integral part of the active and passive global portfolio management processes. With broad product coverage, a strong history of innovation, and objective and transparent rules, Bloomberg Barclays Indices have continually been recognized in both the US and Europe as the top index provider.

Custom benchmarks
We offer a broad and evolving suite of unbiased index products from which investors may select or customize the most appropriate benchmark for their portfolio needs. Coverage includes investment grade, high yield, emerging market and inflation-linked indices. Flagship fixed-income benchmarks include the U.S., Euro, Asia-Pacific, and Global Aggregate Indices, U.S. Municipals, High-Yield and Emerging Markets.

In addition to our flagship indices, Bloomberg publishes thousands of bespoke benchmarks and actively works with index users in a consultative manner on benchmark design, methodology, back-testing, selection, and documentation of their custom indices.

More about Bloomberg Barclays Indices

Access our resources page to view the index methodology, fact sheets, and publications for the Bloomberg Barclays Indices.

*Bloomberg acquired Barclays Risk Analytics and Index Solutions Ltd. (“BRAIS”) on August 24, 2016. Learn more.



Additional Data for Select Indices
Currency USD
Return Type Unhedged
YTW% 1.84
Currency CAD
Return Type Unhedged
YTW% 1.48
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